Town Board

Meet your Town Board! From left, Town Councilors, Mary Ryan and Kathy Fedrizzi,  Town Supervisor John Mahar, and Town Councilors Lisa Goodwin and John Wheatley.

The Town Board is responsible for:

  • Developing and adopting ordinances and local laws affecting the public health, safety and welfare; and enforcement of the same
  • Overseeing all Town Departments including Assessor, Building & Codes, Parks & Recreation and the Senior Center
  • Developing, reviewing and adopting the Town budget and administration of Town assets and properties
  • Appointing officers, commissions, boards and other personnel necessary to administer the Town's affairs
  • Reviewing and approving bids for town services, materials and equipment
  • Authorizing expenditures for specific projects
  • Contracting with fire and emergency services
  • Communicating with Town residents as to Town operations and responding to resident input

The Town is composed of the Town Supervisor and four Town Councilors. All positions are elected, part-time positions.

The Supervisor serves a two-year term and the Councilors serve  four-year terms.

A majority of the Board members must be present in order to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and the vote of each Board member is recorded in the official minutes of the meetings. An affirmative vote of a majority of all members of the Board is required for the adoption of any action, motion or legislation.

All Town Board meetings are open to the public.

Town of Onondaga Master Plan (Updated 2017) : Master Plan updated 2017.pdf

General Information
Town Attorney
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Town Engineer
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