Property Repairs


The Town will replace your mailbox or posts ONLY IF struck by a Town snowplow. Please be sure to check your mailbox, newspaper box and their supporting posts in the fall before the snow flies. If the post is shaky, chances are it is unstable in the ground and will not withstand the pressure of flying snow. Also, be sure to check your mailbox for loose or missing parts.

If we do strike your mailbox or supporting post, we replace those with standard black or white metal boxes ONLY installed on a 4x4 post. We are not responsible for replacing designer boxes, posts or any style of newspaper box. Some residents remove such boxes in winter months and replace them with a standard box. Boxes must adhere to US Post Office installation regulations.  

Please note, that if we find the box was struck by our plow, we will come to your residence and fix your mailbox so you can receive mail. Sometimes this will require a temporary fix so that you can still receive mail until time and weather permits for a longer-term solution. We perform these services as a courtesy to residents as mailboxes are erected in the Town’s right-of-way.

Lawns and Driveways

Lawn and driveway damage caused by our snowplows will be repaired by the Town.  We will not repair damage caused by private snowplow operators. Please call the Highway Department to report damage and if we find our plows are responsible, repairs will be made in the Spring or as weather permits.

General Information
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